Silver Button [1967 - mid 70s]
Silver Button [1967 - mid 70s]
Silver Button [1967 - mid 70s]
Silver Button [1967 - mid 70s]
Silver Button [1967 - mid 70s]

Silver Button [1967 - mid 70s]

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Olympus Trip 35 Silver Button

The silver shutter button Trip35 is the original model made in Japan from 1967 up to the mid 1970's. 

The button changed to black in later models and at the same time some of the internal materials were amended as the manufacturing process had evolved. 

These earlier models command a slight premium as there are less of them around, but the functionality and photographic results are the same. 

Fully rebuilt and restored by - read about the process - this iconic camera comes with a 6 month guarantee and can be personalised to your taste with a small range of coverings and accessories.


With some now over 50 years of age, these Trip35s inevitably carry minor signs of wear and tear, but are devoid of dents, dings or anything other than character-forming patina.


Factory leatherette

Hard wearing and durable, we clean and reaffix the original covering ensuring a lasting finish that is as similar as possible to the day it left the production line.

Black leather

We source and hand-pick our premium leathers from a century old family business, here in Sydney.

To avoid unnecessary use of chemicals, we only use vegetable tanned leather, meaning the rich colour comes purely from tree bark and other natural elements introduced in the tanning process.

Less than 10% of the World’s leather is produced this way, but the finish, character and strength is well worth the additional investment. 

The skins we use are known to be one of the strongest available, providing an unsurpassed durability and feel.

- Matt  is where the leather is left to dry naturally with no surface polishing. 

- Polished is buffed and shined to bring out the natural oils and give a lasting sheen.

~ NOTE: All prices shown are in Australian Dollars. ~

We also sell Olympus Trip 35 accessories including strapscaps & film.

The black button option

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