How we restore the Olympus Trip 35

Revival: Our step-by-step process

Once we've undertaken a thorough visual check, we remove the top of the camera so that we can begin total disassembly.

The lens is fully stripped down to all the various elements and each undergoes a thorough clean and assessment.

Assuming all is ok and no mould or corrosion is evident deep in the lens, we remove and clean the ISO, focus and aperture rings, followed by the aperture and shutter blades, cleaning and dry lubricating the mechanism as we go.

Next we reassemble the lens and run a collimation process to ensure focus accuracy. At this point, the ground-breaking selenium cell is thoroughly checked and calibrated for best integrated exposure and the 'red flag' function confirmed.

Restoring Olympus Trips

Moving on, we test the full auto-exposure system, viewfinder, hot shoe and external flash unit port, cleaning as we go. We check the operation of the shutter release (button and cable release) and film transport mechanism. A detailed measurement of the frame spacing is undertaken and the film winder removed, cleaned, lubricated and refitted. 

Finally, the old light seals are removed, the surfaces cleaned and factory spec replacements added and the leather or leatherette covering that has been requested is applied.

All that's left is for the camera to be placed on a feather pillow for a little while as 'Watermark' by Enya plays on a loop in the background. It's been an invasive few hours.

Our Guarantee
Guarantee Trip 35We guarantee our cameras for 6 months from the date they are despatched to you. We keep a detailed note of any visible signs of wear and of course log the serial number that is clearly displayed on the top of the camera.
If during the course of the next 6 months the camera should fail in any mechanical sense during normal use, simply get in touch and we will organise a replacement. 
We can't however, be held responsible if your friends all have their eyes shut in your photos or you left the lens cap on.