Olympus Trip 35 camera reviews

Google 'Olympus Trip 35 review' and you'll be swamped with results. Given the Trip35 has been around for nearly 50 years and anywhere between eight and ten million are in circulation, it's no surprise.

Here's our pick of the best video reviews.

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A street photographer's overview

This one is short and informative and gives a good sense what it's like to own a Trip35.

When you want more detail...

We've Rob Nunn to thank for this one. Created a few years ago, it's thorough and detailed and provides a great overview of the camera's working. Rob shares some great tips regarding film, processing, using a flash and much, much more. Watch this one and you'll feel like an expert by the end. 

In effect, a video User Guide

If you don't feel like reading the User Manual, this is the one for you. Not the most gripping video, but factual and full of detail.

Hitting the streets with the Trip35

Here's Tom Edwards, a fellow Australian from Townsville on a walkabout with his trip. Some great shots and clearly a happy owner!

Here's another review from a young Londoner, Ade Torrent with a mildly annoying musak soundtrack. Another detailed little video though and some good insights from a keen photographer.

If only to get Ade's music out of your head, here's our final pick. It's from popular YouTuber, Eduardo Pavez Goye and thankfully, his music is much more upbeat!

As you'll hear, Eduardo's camera has a few problems and clearly has not undergone a Trip35.co restoration. He still loves it though. 

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