Our love affair with the Olympus Trip 35 film camera

I bought my first Olympus Trip 35 in 1971. With such an amazing reputation and countless rave reviews, I simply had to have one. Fast-forward a few decades and my well used Trip35 emerged from a cupboard only to be unceremoniously dumped at the local Op Shop during a frenzied house declutter. Bad mistake. Very bad.

A couple of years later, Kodak had reacted to a resurgence of interest in analogue photography and re-commenced the mass production of film. I took that as a sign and so began an obsession to track down a good condition Olympus Trip 35 to satisfy my creative urges and recapture my photographic youth.

After a few dud purchases, I found a really good one and along the way met a lovely band of fellow Trip35 enthusiasts dotted all over the world, some of whom are in our Camera Review section.  

Such was the joy of getting my hands on a Trip35 again that I decided to rescue as many as I could find. At the time of writing, I have around fifty in various states of rebuild and don't intend to stop seeking them out anytime soon. Take a look at our Restoration section to get an idea of the process we follow for each and every camera. 
As many of the Trips are around 50 years of age, there are inevitably some signs of use, but we don't let them out of our hands if it's anything more than character building patina. No unsightly dents or dings, no hint of corrosion, mould or other horribleness.
Frankly as near mint as you're likely to get. 
Finding an Olympus Trip 35 that looks good is easy, getting one that functions precisely as intended can be much more hit and miss. Our mission is to remove this risk.

Trip35.co is a very small, crafty kind of business based in Sydney, Australia and I consider myself a custodian of this little enterprise.

I imagine I'll pass it on one day to a fellow enthusiast equally dedicated to prolonging the life of the iconic Olympus Trip 35. I'll let serendipity works its magic. 
Stay in touch with our progress via Instagram (@triprevival) and be sure to tag us when sharing any Trip35 shots.