Olympus Trip 35 FAQ

Here are some of the questions we get asked from time to time. If we haven't answered your query, get in touch

Q. Do you really service the cameras from top to bottom?

We certainly do. Our Trip35s are fully disassembled, checked and cleaned. It's why we're 100% confident to give you a 6 month no-quibble exchange guarantee. Read more about the extent of our rejuvenation process on our Restoration section.

Q. I've seen people covering Trips in all sorts of fancy materials and covers. Why don't you?

Fair question. We favour sticking close to the original design, hence black. We use the finest premium grade leather or refurbished original leatherette. We may well offer 'special editions' now and then and will announce these on Instagram

Q. Do you mail internationally?

Yes we do, although not to every corner of the World. If when you get to the checkout your country is not covered, get in touch and we'll see what we can do. 

Q. Where can I buy film and get it developed...what's the process like?

More and more specialist photo shops are popping up and generally they are run by dedicated photography buffs. Jump on google and you'll likely be pleasantly surprised. In Sydney, we use the wonderful team at Rewind Photo Lab and they charge around $13 to scan and upload a 36 exp film. Like many they have a mail-in service too. Typically these enthusiast shops also sell a large range of film as do other online suppliers. We sell just one film and it's a cracker.

Q. I've got an old Olympus Trip 35 can you fix it up for me?

Sorry, no. We're kept busy on our own stock. Head to google and you'll likely find a camera repair shop that will take it on. Don't be surprised if they quote about the same as buying one or our refurbished cameras. Yes, it's a cruel world.

Q. How do I access the User Guide you're showing in your store?

Once we receive your order for a camera, we'll send you a link to download the User Guide. If you want the guide, but don't fancy buying a camera from us, just head here and help yourself

Q. Why isn't my question here?

Probably because we're new and no-one has asked it yet. Be the first